A list of the original quests by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop.

Original quests Edit

  1. Tutorials: The Maze (UK), The Trial (US)
  2. The Rescue of Sir Ragnar
  3. Lair of the Orc Warlord
  4. Prince Magnus' Gold
  5. Melar's Maze
  6. Legacy of the Orc Warlord
  7. The Lost Wizard
  8. The Fire Mage
  9. Race Against Time
  10. Castle of Mystery
  11. Bastion of Chaos
  12. Barak Tor - Barrow of the Witch Lord
  13. Quest for the Spirit Blade
  14. Return to Barak Tor

Kellar's Keep Edit

  1. The Great Gate
  2. The Warrior Halls
  3. The Spiral Passage
  4. The Dwarven Forge
  5. Hall of the Dwarven Kings
  6. The Great Citadel
  7. The Eastern Passage
  8. Belorn's Mine
  9. The East Gate
  10. Grin's Crag

Return of the Witch Lord Edit

  1. The Gate of Doom
  2. The Cold Halls
  3. The Silent Passages
  4. The Halls of Vision
  5. The Gate of Bellthor
  6. Halls of the Dead
  7. The Forgotten Legion
  8. The Forbidden Caverns
  9. The Last Gate
  10. The Court of the Witch Lord

Against the Ogre Horde Edit

  1. Search for the Ogre Fortress
  2. The Outer Caves
  3. Lair of the Ogre Horde
  4. The Carrion Halls
  5. The Pit of Chaos
  6. Fortress of the Ogre Lord
  7. Flight to the Surface

Wizards of Morcar Edit

  1. The Tower of the High Mage
  2. Crypt of the Necromancer
  3. Eyrie of the Storm Master
  4. Lair of the Orc Shaman
  5. the evil rabit

The Frozen Horror Edit

Solo Quests
  1. Xanon Pass
  2. Trial by Ice
  3. The Rescue
Group Quests
  1. The Glacial Gate
  2. The Deadly Depths
  3. The Frosted Path
  4. The Halls of Kelvinos
  5. The Search for Scepter
  6. The Heart of Ice

The Mage of the Mirror Edit

Solo Quests
  1. The Avenger Returns
  2. On Sacred Ground
  3. Terrellia's Maze
Group Quests
  1. The Elven Prospector
  2. The Alchemist's Laboratory
  3. Tormuk's Guests
  4. Gliness Fen
  5. The Gathering Storm
  6. Hidden Realms

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