eroQuest is a fantasy adventure game set deep within a hidden stone labyrinth. This maze of underground rooms and corridors is controlled by the Evil Sorcerer Zargon and his forces of Chaos.

Join with friends and play our four Heroes in this interactive medieval fantasy role-playing game from the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

Four valiant Heroes have been summoned by Mentor, the good and ancient sage, to do battle with Chaos. Theirs is the ultimate heroic challenge — descend into the treacherous world of the unknown and restore honor to the Empire. Destroy the evil forces of Chaos!

Bonded by their loyalty to the Empire, the brave Heroes unite. Stepping cautiously, they journey deeper and deeper into a dark, hidden world...[Continue]

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HeroQuest Interactive Wiki is a wiki for playing and designing quests. It is based on the Milton Bradley board game HeroQuest. HeroQuest Interactive is designed to allow several players to play together with minimal need of the gamemaster.