This guide describes how a player uses the game board. A minimal knowledge of templates is required.

Finding your way around the game board Edit

There are two parts to the game board: the game board itself which allows players to see the entire playing area, where they have been and what they have seen; the second part is the rooms and corridors. These are used to display parts of the quest as the heroes encounter them, and so that search actions can be performed on them. As a creator you should know both systems so that you can give coordinates to players for their game board.

Game board Edit

The template for the game board is {{Game board}} (see image below). Use this template when you are playing. Use the coordinates for giving players directions on where to place objects and monsters. An example of this is shown in the Placing objects on the map section.

Coordinates for the squares on the game board are indicated by a capital letter from A to Z followed by a number from 1 to 19. The letter indicates a map object's East-West position on the game board and the number indicates their North-South position. These indicators are shown at the top and left sides of the game board.

Doors are also displayed on the game board using the same coordinate system but appended with "top" or "left" to indicate which side (wall) of the square contains the door.

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Rooms and corridors Edit

Main article: Guide:Rooms and corridors

Each room or corridor page displays the area that a hero can see. As a party of heroes play, they will enter and explore a room or a corridor by visiting the corresponding page. A quest room or corridor page consists of four things: a visual display of the layout of the room, room actions, links to adjacent rooms and corridors, and game board coordinates for the objects in the room (including doors).

Placing objects on the map Edit

To place an object on the game board you need the game board coordinates for the position of the object as described in Finding your way around the game board.

An example of a room on the game board:

{{Game board                                    The game broad template starts
|B15=[[File:Stairs1.gif|link=]]                 Stair piece at location B15
|C15=[[File:Stairs2.gif|link=]]                 Stair piece at location C15
|B16=[[File:Stairs3.gif|link=]]                 Stair piece at location B16
|C16=[[File:Stairs4.gif|link=]]                 Stair piece at location C16
|D19top=dashed                                  Closed door on wall between squares D18 and D19
}}                                              The game board template ends

The example shows the location of the 2x2 square stairs game piece and a closed door.

See Guide:Map objects for information on how to show specific map objects.

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